Mbari Education Programme

Say it Loud Educators Event 

Wednesday 24th October  in the Bar/Cafe at Z arts. 335 Stretford Rd, Hulme M15 5ZA

4 - 6pm

Do you work in Education? A Teacher? Community Educator? Head? Youth Worker? Lecturer? Centre Manager?

This twilight session gives you an opportunity to explore the Say it Loud
 Exhibition ‘Struggle and Activism in the Black Community: Manchester and Beyond ’, with the Artists and Historians from Mbari Group Education Programme and STUN , Sustained Theatre up North and the curator, Historian Washington Alcott.

The aim of this session is to allow you to meet the educators within the programme and look at how we can work together to develop education for people, young and older

To make this event more accessible and productive we are limiting it to 30 Places so let us know if you think you might like to come | 0161 232 6088 or email Ekua on

Say it Loud’ is a new educational and cultural platform that seeks to inspire audiences across Manchester to connect with black history and black presence/ present.  The education programme will include exhibition viewings, film/making, workshops and seminars which aspire to trigger learning social engagement for everyone.

The ‘Say It Loud’ project education partners are

Tinkerhood: a journey into the worlds of identity and culture through films made by children

All images courtesy of the artist & school

Working Class Films offers an exciting film-making project packed to the brim with a collection of workshops for pupils, hands on CPD sessions for staff and a guided cultural field trip for all and everyone to enjoy and learn!  Independent artist/film maker Hafsah Naib has over ten years of professional experience in delivering key curriculum areas through creative projects, which facilitate and develop pupil voice in the making of dynamic child centred films!

Across a program of workshops pupils will develop their making, thinking and doing skills through drama, script writing, camera photography, and artwork design transforming the classroom into a busy production studio.  Working independently and in small teams pupils will develop a range of personal and social skills.  An exciting field trip to a local art gallery or museum facilitated by the artist is included within the project as is a two part CPD session for staff held at Z-arts where beginners and advanced users will be guided in making creative use of digital technology in the classroom.

For further information, please contact Z-Arts.

Local History CPD Programme for Teachers
Using local history as a cross-curricular tool, learn how to create engaging lesson plans that will inspire your students to explore a wide range subjects with local historian Dominique Tessier. As part of MBARI's Black History Educational Programme, she will be leading a series of local history workshops aimed at primary + secondary school teachers with an interest in Manchester's Black Histories.

Dominique Tessier is Manchester-based local historian + museum consultant who promotes a more inclusive approach to local history + its teaching. She is also the founder of Manchester's 

Cafe Historique.
Dates: Wednesday 3/10, 10/10, 17/10, 24/10, 31/10, 7/11, 14/11, 21/11, 28/11
Time: 5pm – 7.30pm

Tailor made sessions can be arranged for a group of teachers or community practitioners, a school or a local organisation. For further information, please contact Z-Arts.

The Gambia: Global dimension learning

Uncle Akiel introduces the Gambia and its lifestyle through inter-active storytelling. He uses items (props) to tell stories. Stories are contained within simple items which the children handle. They have fun guessing what they are. They are not common. These could be food, jewellery, utensils, instruments or cosmetics from the Gambia.  Children grasp a good sense of Gambian culture through the props, stories and subsequent discussions. They gain an understanding of key social issues and are able to weigh them against their own belief systems in a non-imposing way. Global dimension learning aligns with the 'Education for all' learning targets for 2015. 

Sessions are aimed at key stages 1 and 2 and last up to 1 hour. Three sessions may be delivered to 3 separate normal sized groups over a half day .

Reasonings.......Rites of Passage...Crime Awareness

Reasonings are a series of discussions that offer transitional support to young minds. Uncle Akiel presents a unique insight of the criminal justice system through Storytelling, Spokenword and Drama. Reasonings develop problem solving strategies and leadership skills. They are intended to bring awareness to young minds, sharpen their decision making and enhance better quality of choices.

Sessions are aimed at mainstream schools and Pupil Referral 
Units for key stages 2 and upwards, working with a maximum number of 15 for children at risk. Normal size groups otherwise. For further information, please contact Z-Arts.

Global Teacher Award

Tuesday October 16th: The GTA is a nationally recognised award scheme (endorsed by Think Global and Oxfam) that supports teachers in skills, knowledge and practical approaches to incorporate global learning into the curriculum. 9AM - 3:30pm : COST £120, Discounted for NQT's and trainee teachers to £45  To book go to DEPGTA ( For more information about the GTA see the global classrooms website.

Educators Networking Meeting
The DEP and Mbari Group will be hosting a network meeting on 16th October at DEP (Brantingham Rd, M21 0TT) from 3:45 - 6pm.
This is an informal network with opportunity to discuss the findings of the recent report in July 2012 by Professor Bill Boyle, which surveyed Black Teachers in Liverpool. For more information contact the DEP.

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