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Sunday November 4th - Who Polices the Police?
Sunday October 28th – Arts and Crafts Fair, Speakeasy
Sunday October 21st – Black Panther Lecture,
Sunday October 14th – Art as Activism Seminar
Sunday October 7th – ‘Footprints in the Sand’ seminar
Sunday September 30th – ‘Say It Loud’ Programme and Exhibition Launch

This Week

Employment : Whats working? 

November 29th 7 - 8.30pm
Exactly what percentage of Black people in Manchester are out of work? What about young people? What are we doing to find work? What are we doing to get an income? Who has the information and what is working?

We will discuss the process of recovery and building a network of employment that works for everyone.

invited speakers|

Artist | Ekua Bayunu

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Crude Killings: Wednesday November 28th 6pm - 8pm

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Northern Police Monitoring Project Meeting Friday November 23rd 6pm

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‘Race, Media and Representation’
Thursday November 15th 7pm – 8.30pm

How do we see ourselves through the media? How do others see us through that same media? 
This event will explore these issues but also looking at new practices and new ways of controlling media, draw artists and activists, into a discussion of race in media, non-White representation and progressive breakthroughs.

Confirmed speakers

Hafsah Naib  | Mbari Group

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Who Polices the Police? Tuesday 6th November at 6.30pm
Film Screening and Public Meeting
Phil Martin Centre, 141 - 143 Princess Road, Moss Side, Manchester, M14 4RE
As more communities get harassed, as stop and searches soar, as more die in police custody and police violence goes unpunished, we ask ‘Who Polices the Police?’ Our showing of Ken Fero’s film of the same name, a 52-minute documentary that looks at the controversy surrounding the death in police custody of Sean Rigg and the ensuing investigation into his death by the Independent Police Complaints Commission - was it incompetence or collusion? - will be followed by a talk from Sheila Coleman

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Arts and Craft Fair Saturday 27th October 1pm - 6pm


For more Information click here

2 - 4pm | Drop In Children's Art Workshop (50p towards materials)

6 - 8pm | Launch the new STUN website

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Speakeasy Saturday 27th October 8pm - 12 midnight £5

For more information please click here

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Say It Loud Black Panther Lecture: Tuesday October 23rd, 7 to 8.30pm 

An evening of discussion and debate looking at Black Panther ideology, questioning its relevance in society today. The event will include:
  • debate: ‘Black Panthers – Nostalgia or model of empowerment?’
  • documentary: film screening
  • lecture: talk about the Panthers

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‘Art as Activism’ Tuesday October 16th, 7 to 8.30pm

How has art inspired and been inspired by struggle, social movements and activism?


Can art inspire protest or only follow it? When the protest becomes art or ‘popular’, is it lost? Protest art and money: not a problem?
We are pleased to have speaking

Anthony Downer- Activism in Music: A Personal Inner Journey
     Anthony will be asking you to come on a historical journey to follow and experience activism in sound and music.  Music as played a massive part in keeping our hopes and dreams alive, picked us up when we have been down, moved us on, when we wanted to stop; the power in the music just can’t be stopped.
     Anthony Downer has always live in Manchester grow up in the Hulme, Moss-Side area.  He has worked now for many year with young people in the social care sector, currently in the area of fostering.
     He cites Paul Obinna has a prominent mentor in his learning of his-story and has information was shared with him he shares with others; each one teach one.

Colette Williams - Carnival
Having attended a Carnival planning meeting and on hearing the issues and problems that the community carnival faced as it was being usurped by the local authorities Colettes' interest, interest and intent in community politics was born.
Colette has stood as an Independent candidate in local council and is currently the  Manchester lead for Black Activists Rising Against Cuts; BARAC, a national coalition of concerned individuals who are campaigning against the disproportinate impact of the cuts on the Black  Community.
Colette said she basis' all her community work on the 3rd principle of Nguzo Saba 'collective work and responsibility'.
Tonight she will speak on 
     Carnival has been part of the struggle of African-Caribbean people from the times of being enslaved to the early experiences of racism and oppression which the Windrush Generation faced. The carnival has been used to criminalise our communities and currently efforts from the authorities to turn them into sanitised diversified hybrid carnival.

Ekua Bayunu – Sustained Theatre
     Ekua is chair of this  National Movement dedicated to the growth and prosperity of BAME Creatives across the UK. She also is Vice Chair to Miselo Kunda's Chair of  STUN who have a specific remit to work with Artists from across the Northwest.
Ekua will faciliate tonight's discussion and hopes to bring a little of her own experience as an Artist and Activist in communities in East and South London, Central Birmingham, Nottingham and Derbyshire, Manchester and the Northwest and Edinburgh, Scotland, as well as 5 years as a member of the AAPRP,  to the debate tonight.

Start: 7pm
Entry: £2.00

Z-Arts335 Stretford Road, Manchester M15 5ZA

Contact Details
Z-Arts Bookings       0161 232 6089        

For further information
Deyika Nzeribe   

For inspiration check out this link to Amiri Baraka

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‘Footprints in the Sand’ seminar: Tuesday October 9th, 7 to 8.30pm

How relevant and engaged is history in Manchester? Is it ‘useful’? ‘Say It Loud brings ‘established organisation-based historians’ and ‘community historians’ together to discuss the role of history in the community.
All events will be based at Z-Arts335 Stretford Road, Manchester M15 5ZA

Contact Details
Deyika Nzeribe:               for further information

Confirmed Speakers: Linford Sweeney, Dr Melanie Horton

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