Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Manchester People and Places: Candy Scent

Candy Scent makes a welcome return to Hulme High Street. 

We dropped in to say hello .

Ceresha, or Candy as she is generally known, prefers her products to be closer to nature and talked about her products with passion, particularly the benefits of ‘Shea Butter’ which , “contain Vitamins from A to F, is a natural moisturiser  and is a good treatment for  psoriasis, eczema, cradle cap and dry skin conditions generally.”

She stocks organic skin and hair care, organic soap,  body oils, body butter (a type of moisturiser), all products are natural, no chemicals.

Candy said “We have a lot of vegan and vegetarian followers, Also those whom are very aware of the dangers of chemicals that are in almost everything today”

She explained ‘High Street’ products do contain chemicals that build up toxicities in the body, and cause reactions such as skin damage ,eczema, asthma, and even cancer. She stays completely away from those goods.

Candy Scent specialise in fragrances that are safe for even very young children. They are formulated in Egypt and contain only organic ingredients such as: Vitamin E and aloe vera, the fragrances are amazing, long lasting and moisturise the skin once applied like a moisturising perfume/aftershave.

She also makes her own organic yummy smelling soaps from ingredients such as coconut,peppermint, shea,olive, cocoa butter, strawberry, pineapple and lots more.

The nefertiti healing cream which contains: shea, moringa, argan, coconut (just to name a few ingredients) is soft, rich and creamy. The body butter penetrates the skin upon contact leaving you moisturised and smooth to touch.

Candy Scent have been in their new shop for 3 weeks now based, opposite the leisure Centre on Hulme High Street. It’s already a comfortable welcoming space.

She has been trading in Hulme for 5 years, originally starting in what used to be the Old Hulme Market, which you can see out of the window.

The new shop is shared with ‘Mia’s’, which focuses on natural hair care only, no chemicals which is highly refreshing/different to see. Mia's team  does natural hair, twists, locks, steaming with herbal botanicals and everything that helps the hair that grows out of your scalp flourish naturally.

For Valentine’s Day, just coming up, Candy is offering gift baskets at a reduced rate from 35 pounds to 25 pounds  which contain massage oils, body butter, organic soaps, fragrance etc but shoppers can pick and mix from a wide range of products.

Interestingly, her plans for the future include creating a co-op with lots of local business under one roof, she is currently offering other businesses a chance to have their products in her shop, and hopes to do it on a bigger scale in the future.  

Its good to see Candy Scent back on Hulme High Street.

Visit for a video explaining a lot more about this unique, ethical, organic, mother nature approved company.

From the website:

Candy Scent is a Manchester based business which provides natural skincare, hair care and holistic therapies. The company has 800 different fragrances for men and women.

You can find them at 144 Hulme High Street, Hulme, Manchester

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Twitter: @candyscent

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  1. Great to see this space being used to keep us updated about local Action! Hope to get down to Candy Scent soon. x